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      Toys for outside in the garden or on the beach

      Playing outside is best for children. But which outdoor toy is suitable for this?

      There is a large selection of outdoor toys, ranging from toys for toddlers for the garden, the sandpit or the beach. It is important to pay attention to three decisive criteria: age of the child, material and Weather resistance of the toy.

      Well made Wooden toys made of solid wood e.g. from Candylab Toys, Bajo Toys or North Shape gets along well outside in the sun and sand. But remember that these are wooden cars and not submarines - wood starts to work when it comes into contact with water.

      The Waytoplay streets for kids can, however, themselves under water can be used and also the Playforever cars can not harm splash water.

      Playforever Luft Hopper in Grün Modellauto Playforever Luft Hopper in Grün Modellauto
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