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Sustainable Toys

What actually makes toys sustainable?

Sustainable toys can fulfill sustainability aspects from different perspectives:

  • Use of high-quality, non-toxic materials
  • made from renewable raw materials or recycled material
  • a good quality with robust processing
  • Production site for short distances (= low CO2 footprint)
  • no packaging waste and if so recyclable

Incidentally, the term "sustainability" in relation to toys is not clearly defined or even legally protected. In this respect, our selection here is based on our understanding as parents who would rather offer their children selected, high-quality toys than quantity.

What does Holzflitzer do for the environment?

  1. We only ship climate-neutral.
  2. We do not pack or pad with plastic.
  3. We recycle cardboard and use it, for example, as padding material.
Holzlaster von Goki nature | Holzspielzeug Kipplader für Baustelle Holzlaster von Goki nature | Holzspielzeug Kipplader für BaustelleOn Sale
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Holzauto Laster von Bajo Toys  | Holzspielzeug Autotransporter On Sale
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